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Report from the Bennington School District Principals

Annual budget reports have traditionally contained letters from the principals of the three elementary schools that comprise the Bennington School District (BSD). While these separate letters highlighted the subtle nuances in programs and practices existing among the schools, there is much more in common that unites the schools than differences that distinguish them. We are three schools, but one district. Rather than be redundant in providing information on the progress and direction of three schools, we have decided to cooperatively communicate in this single letter.

There are common strands that align Bennington Elementary, Molly Stark Elementary, and Monument Elementary. We share the same curriculum, district policies, assessments, and many other significant elements of operation. We have joined together to ensure more consistency, without imposing conformity and dissuading creativity and unique opportunities. For example, all three schools now use the same electronic format for lesson plans. We currently all have standard master schedules that are clear, consistent and offer common planning times which allow for staff to be shared among the schools. All elementary learners in the BSD are active participants in the Supervisory Union’s Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tier (Ci3T) Model of Prevention that addresses the needs of children in academics, behavior, and social development. All schools have posted, practiced, and reinforced the expectations that govern this program. As we navigate the expectations of the Agency of Education, we work diligently to align our Continuous Improvement Plans with the overarching goals of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union proving vital to providing the essential learning opportunities for our learners as well as the professional learning opportunities to sustain high-quality educators.

Our schools have combined to share programs and possibilities as we seek to increase our effectiveness and efficiency to ensure that we successfully balance the needs of children as they invent their future and the interests and ability of taxpayers to support such a program. Please join us in sustaining the hopes and nurturing the dreams of our learners.

Edie Dunn, Bennington Elementary School
Donna Cauley, Monument Elementary School
Michael Mugits, Molly Stark Elementary School